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Our story & brand mission

Founded by Chloe in 2023, Bloom Ever After have set out to change the way people consume home decor products. We are not just another natural clean brand; we are a movement to do more with less. 

Bloom Ever After are proud to be a cruelty-free & vegan company, using sustainable materials to carefully produce hand-crafted products in Surrey, UK. 

At Bloom Ever After we believe that flowers have the power to bring beauty and happiness to any occasion and we love the idea that something we make can bring joy to someone else, so we take great pride in every hand-poured candle and carefully crafted crown we make.

We offer a zero waste, closed loop system. This means that you can send back your glass candle containers with the free returns label for them to be rinsed, refilled and reused. Any containers returned that aren’t up to our standards are recycled and remain eco planet friendly.